2 Inch Low Profile Tape Measure Holders

2 Inch Low Profile Tape Measure Holders

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Low profile leather tape measure holder that fits 2 inch belts. Features include hand built and stainless steel clip.



This holder is one of our best selling products!

Fits Belts up to 2 inches wide. Holds up to 50′ tape measures.
Measures 4″ Wide x 3″ Tall

Made from Hermann Oak leather tanned in the USA.
Leather averages 1/8″ Thick.
We cure the leather with an oil dye which preserves the top grain and adds a beautiful finish.
We hand rub the edges until they are smooth.
Features a Stainless Steel tape measure clip for durability.

Offered in 3 colors: Medium Saddle Tan, Dark Brown, Black.
Choose riveted or with snaps. The snaps offer a quick on and off option. They are oversized, heavy duty snaps made to take a beating. They will last a very long time.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in

23 reviews for 2 Inch Low Profile Tape Measure Holders

  1. Blackrainstorm

    This is an awesome little belt gadget. I use it at work to hold my 3/8″ cordless impact wrench via its belt clip (instead of a tape measure). It is much faster and easier to hook onto than just your belt–I can slip the impact on one-handed without looking. I like that the holder is up at belt level so that it doesn’t flop around like the drop-down tape holders.

    The leather is super thick and seems to be nicely tanned. Like most tool-grade leathers, it is stiff, but conformed to my belt quickly. It doesn’t show any sagging with a 4lb tool hanging off, even though it is made with a tape measure in mind. All the rivets are tight and placed well. It came with a branded drink koozie and a handwritten note.

  2. Yuri Rayzberg

    Very good quality. Work as promised.

  3. Customer

    Love it! Quality

  4. JC

    It is a little pricey, but it will certainly save your jeans! It is compact, lightweight, stays in place, and if you add a little olive oil to the natural leather model, it will darken even more while also protecting the leather. UPDATE: I’ve been using this product for a little over 13 months and it is still going strong – the snaps are still tight and the rivets that connect the metal bar to the leather are as tight as they were when this product was new. My wife loves it because my jean pockets are no longer wearing out from clipping the tape measure onto the pocket and several of my coworkers have now this product as well.

  5. Karlie Walker

    Bought for my husband, he really like that you put in your belt. It’s sturdy and still lasting

  6. Sjscottjarhead

    I switched from a magnet clip to this when I lost my magnet and tape. In the month or so since I’ve had this the tape has only fallen off maybe once.

  7. Eyal Oshri

    I like it real good

  8. Moe


  9. Casey

    I had previously been using a magnet clip for my tape measure but it kept falling off. I searched online for a sturdy leather tape measure holder and liked the look of this one because it sits right up on my hip and just clips onto the holder itself rather than hanging down low or sitting in a holster. It has been made very well with 4 rivets rather than just 2 I’ve seen others made from. I’m sure it will last for years. As an added bonus, the manufacturer included a beer koozie with their company logo.

  10. David King

  11. Reviewer

  12. David Brown

    Perfect for what I wanted. Eliminates the ripped pocket or in my case my belt.

  13. John O.

    Love it!

  14. Jason Matthews

    Love this thing! No stupid pouch to effect with. Bit spendy but will last damn near forever!

  15. Jose

    Keeps falling off to much

  16. Tim

    I like it is only slightly larger than my belt. Low profile keeps the tape measure close to the body to keep from banging it off of things. The metal “hook” is sturdy and strong feels like it will last a decade or more easily. I use this daily at work on my regular pants belt…not a tool belt. The hoop for the belt is way too small for my tool belt. I’ve had it a little more than a month and it has only gotten better looking as the leather ages and darkens.

  17. Tim

    Compatible with nearly any tape measure with standard belt clip. Quality leather material, and looks like it will last a lifetime. Easy to remove and clip on tape measure. Holds tape securely. It’s well worth the cost, and made in USA!

  18. DaveA

    Very high quality materials and craftsmanship in both design and manufacture. Unfortunately for me, the bar that holds the tape measure on, doesn’t hold my 30′ tape measure well enough for me to feel comfortable using this on ladders or running around like a maniac as I do. I dropped my tape too often, even with the tape measure clip tighter than normal.

  19. CaptainJack

  20. Joshua

    Works great use it everyday I work. I recommend this product to anyone that users a tape measure at work. I bought this so my pocket wouldn’t rip.

  21. Customer

    Very well built. I keep this in my van as a spare to my EDC tape holder.

  22. Josh Beam

    I use this everyday at work and it has held up great. No more ripped pants.

  23. Jeremy M.

    I am a sales rep for a large roofing company and carry a tape measure daily. I noticed that the belt clip was damaging my belt, so I started looking for a sturdy, low profile holder to carry my tape on. I drive 30,000 – 40,000 miles per year so it was important to me that it be small and out of the way while I was driving. After almost two years of daily use, this thing shows no signs of wearing out! I highly recommend this product highly to anyone who carries a tape on their belt on a regular basis.

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