1 Pc Curved Center Duck Holder 12-24 Birds

1 Pc Curved Center Duck Holder 12-24 Birds


Holds 12-24 Birds

Same concept as our popular 1 piece duck holder

Select color, add names and designs



This duck holder has 6- 1/2″ strands per side. It can fit 2 birds per strand.

After many request for a duck holder with 12 strands, this was our way to keep it comfortable and heavy duty.

We curved the center piece to keep it comfortable around the neck or over the shoulder while still leaving some room for designs.

Built the same as our popular original 1 Piece duck holder.

Handmade from thick Hermann Oak Saddle Leather

Dyed to color, sealed with oil, and hand rubbed edges.

Strap is 2″ wide in center, 3″ wide on ends. 36″ Long Overall

We can add names or initials in center. The letters will not be colored unless specified otherwise.


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